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Your Old Jewelry Has Never Been Worth More


Some of the silver scrap we recently purchased

In the past few months, precious metals– gold, silver, and platinum– have been climbing in value, and have reached new all-time highs. As a result, people have constantly been amazed by how much they can get for their old jewelry items, coins, and silverware. Here at The Source we’ve been buying gold from 8k to 24k, silver that is stamped either “sterling” or “925,” everything platinum, and even diamonds!

In addition to the financial reward of selling your unwanted jewelry, you will also have the reward of knowing that you’re helping preserve our natural resources; the more gold, silver, or platinum that gets recycled back into the system,  the less need there is for mining these metals from the earth. (Twenty tons of ore must be mined just to produce enough gold for a single ring!)


Yes, even dental gold.

Every one of us here at the Source has been trained in purchasing jewelry. Some of our competitors may need to get an owner, or a manager to help you, which could leave you waiting a while. Our customers should feel free to come in at any time, and take advantage of a free estimate, on the spot, and with no obligation.

If you’re considering to sell, go ahead and check all the other places first. People always tell us that we consistently pay the most.
(See what people have said about us.)

This may look like junk to you, but we pay top dollar for broken jewelry like this

Please note that we do not purchase pearls, or gemstones other than diamond.

Hope to see you soon!


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