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“Ring” in the New Year

Trends in jewelry come and go as quickly as toy fads and wardrobe styles. However, some have the effect that can outlast the changing fashions. One of these that has reemerged with its staying power are stackable rings.

Stackable rings give you the freedom of going dainty and simple with just one or glamming up an entire outfit with a combination or two or more. This idea isn’t new to 2012, but it’s been long revered as a modern twist to traditional jewelry styles. Cheryl Kremkow, Editor-In-Chief of Modern Jeweler said in 2008 that there’s nothing more versatile than the stackable ring.

Versatility is right. Just as any jewelry option, the rings can portray your individual style. Switch up colors, metals and gems to create new and attention-catching looks daily. In 2010, the trend hasn’t dissipated. Jewlr.Com’s Sparkle Daily said that stackable rings play off the more traditional stackable bracelets, such as bangle bracelets. Marrying the idea of stackable bangles with the ever-growing popularity of cocktail rings makes stacking rings the perfect fit for a new look that is sure to awe.

The rings were still running strong in December of 2011, with Spoil Me Fashion blogger emphasizing how this style can really let you express yourself and keeps your jewelry collection versatile with only a few pieces.

Not only are stackable rings trending into the New Year and season, but popular jewelry brand, Pandora, is taking this fashion under their wing. With plenty of rings, they offer their customers the choice to mix and match and create their own stacked look.

In January they are offering a promotion in which you can spend $150 and receive a FREE Pandora sterling silver ring up to a $50 value. Shop smart and cost-effective and build your jewelry collection to a whole new level, that’s uniquely you.

Pandora: $150 + $50 Sterling Silver

Been on the stackable ring trend for a while? Tell us what your favorite types to stack or one’s you have seen that you just don’t love.

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