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Sell your unwanted gold, silver and diamonds for cash!

No appointment necessary!

Our in-store gold and silver evaluations are free of charge.

Selling your out-of-date or unwanted jewelry to The Source is simple. Just bring your pieces into one of our locations, and our experienced jewelry professionals will test each piece to determine whether it is gold or silver. They will also determine the exact karat (gold content). They will then weigh the pieces and determine what we can give you based on the current world gold and silver markets. The gold and silver markets are constantly changing so we do not quote over the phone. Please visit us in store for your quote. 

Not sure if your gold items are real or not? No problem! Bring them into The Source and we'll test them for you and let you know.

We have found that when we go out and sample what our competition pays for the same pieces, The Source always pays more - usually 10-90% more - than the competition. 

Items you can sell include:

Chains, class rings, old wedding bands, mismatched earrings, dental gold, sterling silver flatware (forks, spoons, knives), sterling silver candles, bowls, plates, cups, gold watches (even if they don't work), silver or gold coins or bars.

The Source Jewelers even buys diamonds! *Please note: diamonds are purchased based on quality and size. Prices vary by stone. See store for details.

US dime, quarter, and half dollar coins pre-1964 contain silver, as do half dollars from 1965-1970, and silver dollar coins pre-1935. Come find out how much your old pocket change is actually worth!


Here's what people are saying:

"I would never go into a pawn shop or one of those exchanges to sell my gold. I have done business with The Source in the past and I trust them."

"I went to several gold buying places; some were a little scary and I felt uncomfortable. The Source offered more than any of the others. The associates at The Source were friendly and helpful. There was no pressure, they offered me coffee and I felt relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Plus I walked out with a purse full of cash!"

"My father recently passed away, and we found some old coins that he had collected over the years. No one in our family wanted them and no one knew their value. I took them to a gold buying store that opened just this year. I had never heard of it but it was close to home. They made me an offer but I had to check with my brothers before I could sell it. My older brother wanted me to take them to The Source and see what they would offer. When I went to the Source, I was shocked at how much more they were willing to offer than the other place. I asked them how these other places can stay in business when they offer pennies on the dollar. They told me that these places prey on those who don't shop or don't know. They are here today and will be gone tomorrow."

"I had two diamonds set in gold rings that were from previous relationships. I never wore them, so I thought, let me turn them into cash and maybe get something for myself. Well, I went to two places that advertised that they buy gold and diamonds. Both places told me they were interested in the gold but they couldn't offer anything for the diamonds. My mother told me to go to The Source and see what they could do. Not only did they offer me more for the gold, they gave me $600 for the diamonds. The sales person at The Source said that if I purchase something at The Source that they would give me 20% more for my old jewelry. I was so happy I purchased a Pandora bracelet for myself with some of the money. I love this place!"